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Most church media resources are just a login and a library. ChurchMediaHQ is a full-service creative solution that works to meet your church’s specific creative needs.

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Your HQ for Media that Connects Your Church with Your Community

Your church’s graphics, video, and creative media should do more than just look pretty. ChurchMediaHQ provides your church with excellent creative content and resources that connects you with more people.

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Spend less time in Photoshop. Get the graphics, videos, and on-demand creative services your church needs to impact your community.

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Monthly Media

A new curated collection of customizable designs and more delivered each month


On-Demand Design

Need a new sermon/event graphic? Send your requirements and we take it from there

Video Bumpers

Promote sermon series or events with custom-made video bumpers

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Coming up with original ideas for your church is tough. ChurchMediaHQ offers FREE coaching that inspires innovative thinking and provides creative strategy for your church.

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Talk to a coach and develop a plan for your church’s media. Enjoy access to creative coaching calls as part of your 30-day FREE trial.

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Weekly Episodes

Featuring coaching series as well as conversations with church leaders and creative experts

Coaching Calls

Schedule limitless calls to discuss your ideas and collaborate on your church’s creative strategy

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Access podcast episodes and video coaching content up to one month early


Church websites are often ineffective in truly reaching people. We help your church engage your online community and make personal connections through your website.

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We set up a brand new website for your church at no cost to you. Start your FREE 30-day trial and get a website that works.

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A Website that Works

Get a website designed to engage your online audience and make more personal connections

Free Website Setup

Start your free trial and get your website up and going at no cost to you

Hosting and Support

Fast & secure hosting as well as backend support of your church’s website

Weekly Episodes

an ongoing conversation with church leaders and creative experts about all things church and all things media

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